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Osprey Rifle Kit

Osprey Rifle Kit

Enhance precision with the Osprey 223 Green Laser Boresight, ensuring accuracy for your first shot. Crafted with high-quality brass, Osprey boresights save time and ammo. Fast, user-friendly, and cost-effective, they ensure precise weapon sighting. Activated when the bolt is closed on the rifle, the calibrated green laser dot projects down the barrel, achieving within 1.5 inches of center with simple instructions. Compatible with all Osprey Boresight Arbors, backed by Osprey Global’s industry-leading no-nonsense lifetime warranty for added confidence.



Rifle Kit Includes:

  • 1x 223 Green Laser Boresight
  • 1x Arbor 30-06/25-06/270WIN
  • 1x Arbor 308/7MM-08/243/260
  • 1x Arbor 264WIN/7MMREM/338WIN
  • 1x Nylon Case

    Locate a target 20-30 yards away so the laser can be clearly seen. The laser point is the theoretical point of impact. Adjust the windage and elevation of the sight to the laser. Remove the boresight from the chamber and remove batteries. Adjust the scope or rifle for the change in distance according to the scope, ammunition, and the rifle manufacturer’s instructions.


    Make sure the battery cap is secure on the back of the 223 Green Boresight with batteries properly installed. Do not overtighten. Unscrew the rear cap of the arbor and insert the 223 Green Boresight. Replace the rear cap of the arbor until secure, do not over tighten. Carefully place the device into the chamber of the firearm and slowly close the bolt. This will activate your boresight. Sight in your firearm (specific instructions below). Remove the boresight by opening the bolt and ejecting the boresight, the boresight should deactivate.

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